Empower your business with artificial intelligence

Empower your business with artificial intelligence

Helping businesses make smarter, intelligent decisions

Our team of AI researchers, engineers, developers and tech consultants help businesses innovate with AI, grow, enrich customer insights, automate processes, and be more cost-efficient.


Our ux/ui team designs intelligent experiences based on how people think (not just what they want to see).


Our AI-based solutions streamline business processes, enhance team agility and operational efficiency.

Bias-free Model Training

We design our solutions using high-quality, bias-free, data sets that ensure diversity and fairness.

Regulatory Compliance

We ensure that our solutions comply with applicable data privacy regulations and provide decision-making transparency.

User Buy-In

Our AI consultants advise companies on change management strategies, employee upskilling (if required), and user training.

our services

First-time AI adoption

AI consultancy

  • first-time AI adoption

    We assess the technological maturity and readiness of a business for AI-driven automation, and follow through all the stages of adopting artificial intelligence in your business operations. This includes analyzing your use case, developing AI-driven software and ensuring a positive user buy-in.

  • AI expansion

    We help businesses move past the proof-of-concept stage and scale their AI transformation company-wide for a broader and more rewarding impact. Our artificial intelligence consultants work on long-term AI strategy to create a sustainable, cohesive AI-driven ecosystem for a business.


Computer Vision & Image Processing

We leverage the power of deep learning and computer vision (CV) to deliver image analysis solutions for various use cases. Our CV consultants use both pre-trained models provided by ML libraries and custom models designed and trained by our data scientists to solve particular image recognition challenges of our customers.

Our Computer Vision services include:

  • Robotic Vision

    We leverage computer vision techniques to provide robots with the ability to see the surroundings. We ensure that our custom image analysis software for robots is fine-tuned to each business’ unique purpose.

  • Facial and Emotion Recognition

    Our facial and emotion recognition solutions apply to a variety of business cases. These include multifactor authentication, detecting criminals in a crowd, identifying various emotions on an individual’s face, and so on.

  • Event Detection

    With our image analysis software, we provide event and anomaly detection in real-time to monitor progress, quality control and take timely and accurate decisions.

  • Medical Image analysis

    We create medical image analysis software for hospital and practices worldwide. Our computer vision applications for diagnosis serve as reliable assistants for medical professionals, pointing out areas worth special attention and thus reducing human error in radiology.


Machine Learning & Pattern Recognition

Machine Learning (ML) is a method of data analysis that allows computer systems to learn from the input data without human intervention. We help companies build, train, and deploy machine learning models at any scale for a wide variety of applications and workflow operations. Our experts use latest ML and Deep Learning frameworks, tools, and systems to handle complexities and implement optimal ML-based applications.

Our end-to-end ML services include:

Featured Case Studies

Industry: Healthcare

10Pearls developed a machine learning algorithm capable of scanning 3D-image data sets and predict a patient's likelihood for developing cancer nodules in their lungs. This algorithm is based on predictive analysis and a specifically articulated neural network.

Industry: Hospitality

10Pearls developed an image analysis solution for a fast-food franchise looking to optimize their business efficiency by tracking inventory more closely.

Industry: Healthcare

Leveraging voice-enabled AI technology and Amazon’s Alexa, 10Pearls helped a client build an app to detect dementia in seniors. When seniors interact with Alexa, the app learns about their patterns and behavior, allowing it to intelligently measure changes that reflect confusion and shifts in mood.

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