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Embark on a journey of learning and success.  


Embark on a
journey of learning
and success.  

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Education has the power to change lives. At 10Pearls University, we aim to help learners around the world elevate their skills and expedite their career growth with continuous learning and skill-building opportunities. 

10Pearls University enables millions of professionals and students to network, learn, and grow together. From providing diverse and in-depth online courses and webinars, to organizing large-scale global events and meetups, we are creating an ecosystem that empowers learners, stimulates groundbreaking ideas, and connects like-minded individuals.  

Our Focus Areas

E-Learning – Learn Anytime, Anywhere

10PU’s online portal is an e-learning platform that creates and delivers professional learning and development content. Designed with the aim to provide free and accessible learning for all, our platform enables students and professionals to learn marketable skills, increase their knowledge, and grow in their careers. Individuals can benefit from our broad range of content formats that include insightful webinars, elaborate courses, hands-on trainings and in-depth workshops. Our material covers both technical and non-technical topics, and spans across a wide range of domains including programming, design, project management, communications, devOps, leadership skills etc.

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10PU Orbit – Community-Building for Collective Growth

10PU Orbit is a platform for tech professionals and students to collaborate, learn and exchange ideas. 10PU Orbit brings together brilliant minds by organizing a variety of on-site, hybrid and online events. These include conferences, expos, community events, competitions, hackathons, and webinars aimed to empower tech talent around the world. From niche community events such as Angular and DevOps Meetups to large-scale global conferences like AI Summit, we build and strengthen the tech community and provide excellent opportunities for growth, skills development, and networking.

10PU for Business – Corporate Trainings to Upskill Your Workforce

Leading organizations choose 10Pearls University as their destination for employee upskilling. We help companies train their workforce with flexible and customized learning – mapped according to their potential, latest technologies, and business goals. With 10PU, organizations can benefit from our vast repository of professional courses, or align bespoke sessions specific to a company’s needs. From company-wide trainings on tech/management, to focused sessions and coaching, we provide content developed by experienced instructors to help build a future-ready workforce.

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10PU for Academia – Helping Universities Gain an Edge

In a fast-changing world, new skills’ development and continuous learning is crucial. 10PU partners with universities and colleges to train students on in-demand market skills that give them a head-start in their career. We connect with educational institutes to modernize their curriculum, conduct practicable trainings, and develop customized learning programs for their students and faculty. Our thoughtfully-curated content helps graduates develop in-demand skills and key competencies to excel in the professional world.

Empowering Women for a Better Tomorrow

10PU is committed to carving opportunities for women to enter and excel in STEM careers. We frequently host large-scale women-centric events such as Women Tech Quest , and partner with tech groups like WomeninTechPk, Women in Computing, and Code Girls to help women flourish in tech, and build a supportive community. 10PU also collaborates actively with 10Pearls' philanthropic wing, Empower Foundation, to uplift and educate women in need. We create and conduct courses and trainings that help underprivileged women acquire digital skills and achieve financial independence.

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